Mayer Wins Complete Defense Verdict in Federal Court for Major Trucking Company

Recently, a federal jury came back with a verdict finding no negligence on the part of Mayer’s client, a major trucking company, in the case of a vehicular accident. The client was represented in court by Roger Oppenheim, Scott Novak, and Danielle Ross. The plaintiff sought a $2.7 million award, claiming more than $700,000 in past medical expenses, including a spinal fusion surgery. The Mayer team proved the plaintiff concealed significant pre-existing medical issues from his post-accident, attorney-referred treating providers.

Mayer also secured significant limine victories for the defense, allowing the presentation of evidence that the plaintiff had both workers’ compensation coverage and health insurance, but failed to mitigate his damage by purposefully electing not to use those available coverages. Despite the 18-wheeler driver admitting responsibility on the stand, defense counsel argued that responsibility does not amount to negligence. After an hour of deliberation, the jury came back 6-0 with no negligence on the part of Mayer’s client.