In the courtroom, the fate of your case ultimately rests with the jury. Ensuring successful resolution begins with identifying the theme and theory of your case that resonates with jurors.  

When litigation becomes inevitable, your case relies largely on the abilities of your attorneys to make a compelling, cohesive, and convincing case. Your case also hinges on identifying universal truths that will resonate with people from diverse walks of life and varied beliefs. Mayer has the experience and insight you need to gauge the mindsets of potential jurors, in order to craft a narrative designed to appeal to them – enabling us to create the strongest possible trial strategy.


Our jury consulting team adeptly assesses the strengths and weaknesses of your case. By providing feedback on your most persuasive evidence and offering guidance on the optimal framework for presentation, our team ensures that we develop the best strategy needed for a compelling and successful case. Our services include:

  • Focus group testing
  • Mock jury session
  • Community demographic and psychographic research
  • Community and venue attitude research
  • Theme and strategy testing
  • Juror profile modeling
  • Opening/closing statement analysis
  • Witness evaluation and preparation
  • Jury instruction evaluation
  • Verdict form evaluation
  • Verdict analysis