Superior Court of California Grants Summary Judgment in Premises Liability Lawsuit

The Superior Court of California (County of Los Angeles) recently granted our motion for summary judgment in a premises liability lawsuit against our client, a company that operates apartment complexes throughout the country. The lawsuit arose from allegations that the Plaintiff tripped over the remnants of a tree stump on a grassy area in front of our client’s property. Attorney David Larsen obtained public records and an affidavit from the City, establishing that the City removed the subject tree and that it was located on City-owned land. After receiving a settlement demand in the amount of $250,000, Larsen filed a Motion for Summary Judgment arguing that while the client performs some level of maintenance on the area in question, mere neighborly maintenance is not enough to establish a duty of care under the law. The court agreed and granted the motion, thereby disposing of the Plaintiff's claims against our client.