Heather Kanny Serves as Guest Lecturer for Baylor Law’s Academy of the Advocate at St. Andrews

Mayer Partner Heather Kanny recently served as a guest lecturer at Baylor Law School’s Academy of the Advocate in St. Andrews, Scotland, teaching alongside some of the country’s top trial attorneys, judges, and professors.

Baylor Law School’s Academy of the Advocate is an immersive summer program providing students from law schools across the United States with trial and appellate advocacy experience.  The program equips students with invaluable skills they will use throughout their careers as lawyers. Picturesque St. Andrews, Scotland offers the ideal setting to learn about the law and its rich history. Heather worked with the Academy’s School of the Trial, which focuses on the art of storytelling in the courtroom and dives into the various aspects of the trial process through practical and collaborative exercises.

Heather always knew she wanted to be a trial lawyer, but since very few civil cases make it to trial these days, realizing that goal has been challenging at times. During her time in St. Andrews, Heather shared her experiences as a female trial lawyer at “Ladies Who Launch,” an event held for future female trial advocates, led by Baylor Law professor, Elizabeth Fraley. Heather spoke about the resilience and growth mindset it takes to be a woman in this profession.

As a distinguished Baylor Law alum and successful trial attorney, Heather also works with Baylor Law’s renowned Practice Court program, an intensive trial training experience that prepares students with real-world training, ensuring they are battle-tested and ready to try cases when they enter the legal profession.  The program is nationally recognized as one of the most rigorous, most demanding—and yet most rewarding— law school experiences for the honing of real-world lawyering and leadership skills.

Baylor calls upon highly skilled trial lawyers and judges well versed in the art of trial law to teach, mentor, and advise their students. Being recruited to work with both the Practice Court program and Baylor Law’s Academy of the Advocate is a great honor and a testament to Heather’s talent and dedication throughout her career.