Mandy Sherman and Michele Rayburn Making Waves in the Fort Worth Paralegal Association and Beyond

Mandy Sherman and Michele Rayburn, two outstanding paralegals at our firm, have emerged as influential leaders within the Fort Worth Paralegal Association (FWPA). Their expertise, dedication to community-building and commitment to empowering future leaders make them invaluable assets to both the paralegal community and our organization.

Mandy currently serves as the FWPA's president, and Michele as the First Vice President and Head of Programs. The two have been instrumental in promoting professional growth and community among the organization’s members. Within their leadership roles, they have organized continuing education programs, community outreach, and engaging social events, creating a vibrant and supportive community. Mandy noted that one initiative they have proudly spearheaded at the FWPA is recruiting the next generation of paralegals, encouraging them to take an active role and amplify their voices at the table. As leaders with years of experience in the field, they are dedicated to providing mentorship and creating a supportive community where paralegals can grow professionally and make meaningful connections.

Mandy and Michele's expertise has earned them well-deserved recognition within the FWPA and beyond. Both have been honored as Paralegal of the Year by the FWPA, reflecting their dedication and depth of expertise. The two were also invited to hold a mock trial for students at Tarrant County College, providing them with invaluable practical experience. Mandy’s involvement with the Tarrant County Young Lawyers Association and Michele’s board certification in personal injury trial law, as well as her in involvement with the State Bar of Texas, Paralegal Division, and the Tarrant County Bar Association, are a testament to their commitment to professional excellence. Through their active participation in various associations and educational seminars, they continually enhance their knowledge and skills, directly benefiting our valued clients.

Finding a sense of community and support has been integral to their own professional journey, which is why they have found their home here at Mayer, Mandy shared. Like Mandy and Michele, our firm shares an unwavering commitment to fostering a strong sense of belonging and camaraderie. We take immense pride in their achievements and are thrilled to continue supporting their leadership endeavors.