San Antonio Court of Appeals Affirms Summary Judgment in Favor of Mayer LLP Client in Premises Liability Dispute

The San Antonio Court of Appeals recently affirmed a summary judgment in favor of firm client Red Lobster Hospitality, LLC in a premises liability lawsuit stemming from an allegedly soapy floor in a restaurant restroom. After a hearing, the district court granted Red Lobster’s motion for traditional and no-evidence summary judgment. The plaintiff appealed that summary judgment to the San Antonio Court of Appeals, which affirmed the district court’s judgment in a memorandum opinion, holding that there was “no evidence the alleged dangerous condition ‘more likely than not’ existed long enough that Red Lobster reasonably should have discovered it.” Red Lobster was represented by partners Zach T. Mayer and Trent W. Rexing and associate Andrew J. Upton. 

Padilla v. Red Lobster Hospitality, LLC, No. 04-19-00539-CV, 2020 WL 2441422 (Tex. App.—San Antonio May 13, 2020, no pet. h.).