Learning From Their Mistakes: Evaluating Jury Verdicts Against Retailers

Our outstanding attorney, Robin Gant, was part of a recent verdict presentation titled “Learning From Their Mistakes: Evaluating Jury Verdicts Against Retailers.” The co-presenter was Deedee Gasch, a partner at Cranfill Sumner & Hartzog in North Carolina. The presentation was part of Lowe’s Summer Risk Litigation Webinar Series and focused largely on the overarching themes and common causes of premises liability cases, talked about defensive tactics; took a closer look at some recent big plaintiffs verdicts and provided insight into the theories and evidence advanced in those cases. Additionally, this webinar discussed several interesting defense verdicts; provided insight into why we are starting to see larger plaintiffs verdict; and finally provided best practice pointers on defending against some of the common themes that have garnered large verdicts. Over 53 people were in attendance! Our team at Mayer LLP is focused on continuing to service our clients during the COVID pandemic by providing educational resources, and Robin loved being part of this experience.